DOGS @ PLAY is Sydney City’s most trusted and established Dog Daycare

Centre, we’ve been caring for our urban four legged friends since 2004.

Conveniently located in Surry Hills, we’re 100% Australian owned and

proud to offer you a variety of services.


    We offer a boutique service to clients who want one on one care. Our transparent service gives you piece of mind via our exclusive dog webcam, you can watch your loved one play while you’re at work.
    See our daycare page for more information


    We believe dog maintenance is extremely important as grooming contributes to your best friend’s health, happiness and well being.
    From a basic wash to scissor cuts, our experienced groomers are dedicated to providing an exceptional service while maintaining your loved one’s own unique style


    We offer on-lead walks both fun social group walks and individual training walks designed to reinforce good walking habits.

    We currently service within a 1km radius of East Redfern, Surry Hills and South Darlinghurst


    From 4 week puppy school courses to adult dog individual training, we can set you and your dog on the path of good dog manners


    We ensure your best friend is in good hands. All our staff are professionally accredited in dog care, behaviour and pet first aid. See our staff page for more information on individual staff achievements


    Monday to Friday
    7:00am to 7:00pm

    8:30am to 4:30pm

    10:00am to 3:00pm

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As Sydney City’s most trusted and established dog daycare centre we are proud to offer a transparent service that gives you piece of mind via our exclusive dog webcam so you can watch your loved one play while you’re at work. No other centre in Sydney provides this service and we believe it’s an important addition to the Dogs @ Play daycare experience.



    reduces separation anxiety, and nervous behavior...

    reduce over-energetic behaviour and excess weight...
  • PLAY

    reduces stress related habits, boredom, and destructive behaviour...
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To keep Dogs @ Play a fun and safe environment, all new enrolments must pass an onsite temperament assessment. You can rest assured this strict process maintains the highest quality and standards within the centre and makes it a fun and safe environment for all to enjoy. We gradually acclimatise each playmate with their new environment and ensure all dogs have access to time out and rest areas.

Dogs @ Play is a boutique service that allows us to cater to the individual needs and personalities of all members. As an added service, we have on call consulting with veterinary professionals for all general advice and emergencies.

Note: All dogs must hold a current C5 vaccination certificate and be spayed or neutered. Puppies can remain unaltered and come to daycare until they are 7 months old. For further information, please refer to our Daycare Enrolment Forms or feel free to contact us.



Your best friend has a full hour to play and socialise with other dogs, get some real exercise and generally have fun. This walk is conducted on leash.

1-2 walks per week: $35.00 per walk

3+ walks per week: $32.00 per walk

$43 per walk


This is for dogs that may not be suitable to walk with a group, need individual attention to become perfect walkers, or for owners who would prefer their pets to be walked alone on leash for a shorter walk.

$37.50 per walk (Additional dog $10)


The first thing we do is meet you and your furry friend in your home so we can all get to know and trust each other and decide on the best type of service for you and your friend.

We walk regardless of the weather and the dogs love the rain. Leave a towel out if you require your dog to have a rub down after walking in the rain.

Early Bookings Essential
Walks and outings on public holidays are charged at double time. All services on Saturday after 1pm are chaged at time & a half and Sundays are charged at double time.

We currently service within a 1km radius of our location – East Redfern, Surry Hills and South Darlinghurst.


Regular grooming is an important part of dog care. It not only makes your best friend look better, but contributes to his or her physiological and psychological health. We provide the following services:

Scissor Cuts • Clipping • Maintenance • Exotic Styling • Conditioning Treatments • Hydro Bath • Blow Dry • Flea Treatments • Eyes and Ears cleaning • Nail Trimming • Cologne • Dematting



Includes bathing, blow dry, ear cleaning, hair clipping, scissor cutting, and nail clipping.

Our professional groomers deliver the highest quality service that’s quick and convenient. Unlike other groomers, we ensure your dog is not waiting around unnecessarily. We’ll usually have a small dog washed, blow dried and clipped in a little over an hour. Your dog will go home looking and feeling great!

sd1 Small dog
Maltese, shi-tzu, toy
poodle, foxy, silky terrier.
sd2 Medium dog
Cocker spaniel, cavalier,
miniature poodle.
sd3 Large dog
Standard poodle, labrador,
border collie, golden retriever,
german shepherd


Includes bathing, blow drying, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline grooming services. The decision may be based on the dog’s age, temperament, condition of coat or general health. If your dog is matted, we cannot accept responsibility for any underlying skin conditions caused by or revealed during grooming. All dogs must be fully vaccinated.

sd1 Small dog
Maltese, shi-tzu, toy
poodle, foxy, silky terrier.
sd2 Medium dog
Cocker spaniel, cavalier,
miniature poodle.
sd3 Large dog
Standard poodle, labrador,
border collie, golden retriever,
german shepherd



In the early stages of development puppies undergo a process of socialisation that helps set their behaviour for adult life. It is important that puppies have balanced exposure to a variety of people and other fully vaccinated dogs to ensure a well-adjusted adult dog.

Puppy School is a great opportunity to socialise your puppy from a young age and in a controlled environment. Puppy School runs for one hour over four consecutive weeks, a total of four hours.

During the Puppy School course we cover the basic obedience commands including sit, stay, recall and walking on lead. We also take time to discuss toilet training, health, nutrition, correction and praise. Because our classes are kept to a maximum of eight puppies there is adequate time to discuss any particular issues you may be having. It is a friendly informal environment where every puppy gets the opportunity to take part in exercises and display what they have learned in the previous class.


So you and your pup have graduated from Puppy school, but you have noticed there are one or two things they still need to work on.

We offer one-on-one lessons and customise them to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Private training is conducted at an agreed time and allows you and your dog to achieve the best possible results.

Also available; Intermediate Group Obedience Classes (strengthen basic behaviors around distractions, for longer periods of time, and from a greater distance)



Amanda – Director/Founder

Amanda is responsible for starting Sydney City’s first dog daycare centre, now Sydney’s most established centre. Dogs @ Play was an innovative response to a problem she faced with her own dogs, “Everyday I’d leave for work and find it increasingly difficult to leave my dogs home alone while I’d spend long hours in a corporate profession” Amanda Said.

Amanda is responsible for the day-to-day management of the centre. Her passion for dogs means she’s created a centre where Socialisation, Exercise & Play are the focus for every dog. It’s Amanda’s dedication that makes Dogs @ Play a leader in its field, “Everyday I care for my clients’ best friends, in many cases their only loved ones” Amanda says. Dogs @ Play clients respect that their dog is not just a customer to Amanda, but a member of her Dogs @ Play family.

Amanda has undertaken industry accreditation in Dog Care, Obedience, Grooming and she’s accredited through TAFE N.S.W. having completed certificate 2, 3 & 4 in Companion Animal Studies. Further to this, Amanda also holds a Bachelor of Business from Newcastle University.


Natalie – Senior Handler/Trainer

Natalie is an experienced dog handler and groomer and she’s been part of the Dogs @ Play family since the very beginning. Natalie owns a blue cattle dog “Brodie” who’s enrolled at Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club. Together over the past 5 years Natalie and Brodie have completed 5 levels of obedience and agility training, an amazing accomplishment, “There’s not a day that goes by where Brodie and I don’t train, I love that she enjoys achieving the same goals as me” Natalie says. Natalie is accredited through TAFE N.S.W. having completed certificate 2, 3 & 4 in Companion Animal Studies, but she hasn’t stopped there. Natalie has also undertaken an apprenticeship at the Sydney International Pet Grooming Centre.


Sarah – Handler

Sarah has been with the Dogs @ Play family for close to 3 years, “and I still love coming to work like it was my first day on the job” she says. Sarah completed Certificate 2 in Animal Care in June 2011, “I’m not stopping at certificate 2, I want to achieve the highest level possible, so level 4 here I come!“. Sarah has three Golden Retrievers, Bella, Lucy and Swayze, she trains with them every Sunday morning at the Penrith Kennel and Obedience Club. Sarah also loves to take her dogs on weekly adventures to the beach or daily walks around the Nepean River.


Lauren – Handler

Lauren’s been part of the Dogs @ Play family for over two years and she’s accredited through TAFE N.S.W. having completed Certificate 2 in Companion Animal Studies and Certificate 3 in Captive Animal Management at Taronga Zoo where she also worked as an intern Keeper. “Since I was a little girl I’ve loved animals and today I love them more than ever“.


Iyona – Handler

Iyona has always dreamt of working with animals, she’s loved them for as long as she can remember. Iyona has completed Certificate 2 in Animal Studies, Dog Grooming, Pet First Aid and much more. She is currently undergoing study in Dog psychology, behaviour and training. Iyona spends her spare time pet sitting and volunteering.


Kathy – Groomer

Kathy is a natural dog groomer with 10 years experience. She currently has 4 dogs of her own Oscar a Labrador Staffy, Zuri a Ridgeback puppy, Isaac a Shih tzu and Jaz a Cairn Terrier x Maltese.

Kathy owns her own Salon and specialises in Terrier clips and hand stripping.



Dean – Groomer

Dean is a naturally talented dog groomer with over 14 years of industry experience under his belt.

One of Dean’s many loves is travelling the globe as a judge for various international grooming competitions.

Dean specialises in Terriers and hand scissoring.




Yui has been with the Dogs @ Play family for 2 years and comes to us all the way from Japan.

Yui studied at the American Grooming School and has 3 years of solid grooming experience. Over this time Yui has enjoyed clipping a vast array of breeds but likes to specialise in poodles.

At home Yui cares for three Dachshunds named Leo, May & Taro.