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“Mavis absolutely loves going to daycare. When we set off on Thursday mornings she drags me through the streets of Surry Hills to the door. And the best bit is she’s so exhausted at the end of the day she can barely keep her eyes open to eat her dinner. Bliss.”– Sara


“Reg used to destroy the house and garden, two days a week at daycare is cheaper than replacing the computer.” – Sharon


Dog daycare in Sydney has taken off with a vengeance! Previously home-alone or lonely pooches can now be dropped off by “Mum” or “Dad” in a safe, caring environment and have a wonderful day of play and socialisation with other playmates.


“Jackson slept the whole way home.” – Serine


Amanda Raine, owner and operator of Dogs @ Play, Sydney’s first Dog Daycare Centre in Foveaux Street, Surry Hills said today, “I am delighted that we have been welcomed so enthusiastically into the Sydney Community.   While we’ve only been open for three months, I’m pleased that our philosophy about exclusive dog care is being welcomed and attracting dog owners.  Raine says, “Dogs can’t be our whole life (in today’s society), but I believe they make our lives whole”.  At Dogs @ Play, we plan our dog daycare strategy to take in the following points:


  • Socialisation reduces separation anxiety
  • Exercise reduces over-energetic behaviour
  • Play reduces stress-related habits.


Amanda Raine has developed her business through her knowledge of children’s daycare as well as appropriate training and research to enable the Dogs @ Play team to specialise in quality dog daycare. Raine said, “We work on the philosophy of ‘sound temperament’ and work with our dogs to ensure they get on and play well together.  We want to ensure that our dogs socialise well. Before our dogs are invited to join the Dogs @ Play pack we have them assessed by a behavioural expert from Bark Busters who has had over 16 years’ dog obedience experience.  This ensures we are aware of what to look for in their temperament when they settle into the daycare centre. We monitor them closely when they join the pack so we are confident they are fitting in easily and playing well.”


Raine added, “Of course we want them to have fun but it must be in a safe environment. We are not in the business of creating ‘performing pets’, while we want to maximise their day, we feel it is our duty to ensure that the dog is returned to their parents without the threat of vet bills, for a pulled muscle from trying to jump too high, or being snapped at because one dog doesn’t know when another dog is not in the mood for a bit of rough-house!   We have an organised, fun but safe routine for our dogs as well as the carers that respond to their needs.”


A typical daycare day for Raine’s dogs include:


  • Arrival – Dogs are introduced to each other in a structured and non-threatening manner so no dog feels overwhelmed when arriving.
  • Play – Is both structured and unstructured, giving dogs time to just be dogs and providing entertainment through ball, rope, tunnel and chasing activities.
  • Specialised handling – We believe one-on-one attention is a vital ingredient to a complete day. We pride ourselves on a high staff ratio, 1:4 – 2:12 – 3:20. This is double what the industry standard is – and a much better ratio than many of our competitors.
  • Walks – Every dog is taken on a morning and afternoon walk, ensuring the dog has two hours outside the centre each day.
  • Rest – naps are optional and allocated “time out” areas are setup each day.
  • Slow down time – At the end of each day, each dog is brushed and cleaned for their trip home. As dogs can’t tell their parents about their active day, each dog has a daily report card filling in “Mum & Dad” on their adventures.


At Dogs @ Play you can also book your dog into be washed, groomed, clipped and there is a range of dog care products on sale.  Raine is looking at expanding her hours to include care on Saturdays, because we’ve had lots of interest from dog owners who work on Saturdays and they’d like their dog to be looked after as well.


Raine states, “Our clients’ parents are happy, their dog is returned to them, tired, content and satisfied they’ve had a great day out socialising with other dogs and people.


The Dogs @ Play team are all trained in dog handling, and dog first aid. Our employees have completed industry accredited courses and hold current certification in animal care. In addition, all carers have backgrounds in veterinary and/or grooming practices.


About Amanda Raine, owner and operator of Dogs @ Play: Ms Raine is a former child care manager and HR professional. She is trained in grooming, obedience, and dog care. Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Newcastle University. Dogs @ Play is Sydney City’s the first dog daycare centre to open and is recognised and approved by guidelines set down by the Sydney City Council.

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